Hay Day Cheats
Tips and Tricks to Succeed at Hay Day
Farming on Hay Day has become the main leisure activity for most people out there. Hay Day is an addictive game, which takes a lot of time, especially for those who want to grow their farm stronger and powerful. If you really want to have profit and increase the experience, you need to spend a couple of hours per day in order to tend livestock, to plant crops and harvest them, as well as to keep things running smoothly. If you want to speed up these things, you definitely need to think about some Hay Day cheats and tricks.

The best thing is that Hay Day is completely free for download, it is available on both iOS and Android platform, and you do not need a powerful device to make it work. Just download it, connect to Facebook to connect to your friends who play the game and you are good to go. You can start to plan crops, to take care of your farm in order to make it profitable.

For those of you who are already a part of the Hay Day community, I have gathered a few Hay Day cheats and tricks to help you increase production and to have more fun. These tips will help you harvest your crops faster, make your farm grow bigger and stronger. It is worth mentioning the fact that all these Hay Day cheats and tricks do not require players to download anything on their devices.


1. Check for Treasure Chests

This is one of those Hay Day cheats that cannot be used too many times. At first, actually for the first 15 times, it will prove to be quite useful, but afterwards, you might need to take a break. The first thing you need to do is to find a toolbox on a follower or friend’s farm. If the box is closed, tap anywhere on the screen to open it. Now, for to another friend and search for the same toolbox. If the tool is unlocked, take everything inside.

Here, you can find tools as well as other useful things that can help you maintain your farm. Once you go back to your own farm, you should find the tool in the available farming tools. If you keep finding locked tools, just visit other friend and then another one, and eventually you will find what you are looking for.

2. Use Hay Day Daily Tips

Perhaps most of you did not use the Hay Day daily tip not even once. However, find out that they can turn out to be pretty useful. They can help you determine the items you will need in the future to complete shipments. For this, just check the Hay Day tip when the delivery boy gives you hints. Search for the delivery boy and click on him. Choose “No Thanks” button and then he will go across the road and lie down in a field. Above his head, you will see bubbles where images of things you will need will appear.

3. Hay Day Cheats for Diamonds

As most of you already know, in order to buy diamonds on Hay day, you need to spend real money. The more diamonds you have, the more value you get for your money. You can get many diamonds, but, in fact, nobody wants to spend their real money on Hay Day diamonds. To increase the amount of diamonds, here are some Hay Day cheats to gain several diamonds.

- As you now, Hay Day farmers will occasionally receive a free movie ticket to watch the trailer of an incoming game or even Hollywood movie. If you choose to watch it, you will receive a diamond, for each time you watch the trailer.

- In the same time, farmers receive between 1-3 diamonds every time they go up on a level.

- Alternatively, each time you complete an achievement, you will also receive various amounts of diamonds, and this depends on each achievement. However, in the end, once you completed all achievements, you will get a total of 93 diamonds.

In the same time, you should keep an eye on the boxes containing prizes. They could contain diamonds, but it is worth mentioning the fact that some boxes will require you to give a diamond in order to open it. Sometimes, players can easily find diamonds wrapped in a bow near the house, so keep your eyes wide open. If you have other interesting Hay Day cheats and tricks, feel free to share them with us.
Hay Day – Cheats, Tricks and Advices
I am sure that most of you already know the Hay Day, the famous farming game. This game is quite simple and the idea behind it is pretty easy. All you have to do is to help rehabilitating a far, which really needs your help. You will have to crop and harvest crops, take care of livestock, take, and complete car and boat orders, mine for gold and fish in the designated fishing area. Here, I want to show you a couple of Hay Day cheats and tricks that will help you grow your farm, expand it, as well as to gather a lot of gold and diamonds.

Road Side stands are a tremendous help, especially when you know how to take advantage of it. Your friends might be selling some real bargains, and you need to take pay attention to what they are selling, as well as to what they ask for help. Everything is interconnected, and you should pay attention not to waste your diamonds, or coins on what it might not be worth it.

First of all, you should not spend money on buying crops. When you need something, you should plant them, not buy them. Make sure you save some crops for when you will need them, to plant and harvest, instead of spending money on them.

Now, the livestock can turn out to be pretty useful, especially if you take advantage of it. They can provide you with valuable resources, which you sell later to make a lot of money. However, as you may know, the livestock needs permanent attention, food, and time to gather the eggs, wool, bacon, or milk.
Now, all those kind visitors that come to your farm and ask for different crops or goodies might seem a reliable help. In fact, they are not. They ask for various goods and crops, but they pay very little on them. Do not be shy on turning them down. They will come again and again. Instead, you should take all those extra items and sell them on your Road Side Stand, at a higher price, and your friends might be needing them.


Hay Day Cheats for Coins and Goodies




In the last part, I want to mention two of the most interesting Hay Day Cheats and tricks that can help you gain a lot of coins and goodies, with less money. In what concerns the coin topic, I am sure that you all need large amounts of money in order to buy all those great machines to cook pancakes, to make syrup and juice. In the same time, you need a lot of money in order to open the mine, the fishing boat, or the big Boat. As you know, all of them cost a lot of money. For this, here is an interesting trick, which helped plenty of people, including myself.

First of all, you need to head over to the road show. Here, open a new slot by buying it with five diamonds. Here, sell 5 pieces of wood. Once another farmer buys the wood, you should receive 500,000 gold for it. As you can see, this will render you a notable amount of gold, and all you have to do is to spare five diamonds and five wood boards.

Now, let us talk about the newspaper. Here is the place where you can go and search for some interesting goodies and crops. People needing some money will choose to sell all kinds of interesting things such as boards, screws, and crops. Pay attention to all those selling them for less, and then, sell them for more. In this way, you will be able to make a lot of money in a short time.

However, you will need to spend some money in order to get some good deals. When you are tired of seeing the same offers, you can easily close the game and re-launch it once again. This will refresh the newspaper and it will give you a bunch of new deals. As you can see, these two Hay Day cheats can turn out to be pretty useful, especially if you need a lot of money, and you have some free time to spend playing.